Thursday, January 01, 2009

Golden Eggs 2008

Before looking forward to 2009 (you know, the year of global economic meltdown, famine, pestilence and people sighing about how much they miss Woolworths) here are my awards for 2008. I know, I know, this is just what you've been waiting for.

Best album

1. Glasvegas - Glasvegas
2. Keane - Perfect Symmetry
3. Alphabeat - This is Alphabeat

It was a rubbish year for albums. Moat years, Alphabeat woudn't have made the top ten, and it's only there because of the ace singles. Glasvegas is easily the best album of 2008: doomy yet compassionate gloom-rock voiced by the missing Proclaimer.

Best single

1. Dizzee Rascal - Dance Wiv Me
2. Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down
3. Glasvegas - Daddy's Gone

Back in the days before Poppy monopolised the TV with her endless Peppa Pig reruns, I would watch music videos before going to work. Occasionally a song would come on that would have me dancing up the road to the nursery, full of vim and vigour. Dance Wiv Me achieved that more than any other song this year, and I still haven't grown tired of hearing it.

Best non-reality TV Show

1. Dead Set
2. Californication
3. Survivors

Charlie Brooker's Dead Set was always, on paper, a programme that was tailor-made just for me. Big Brother and zombies. Written by my favourite journalist. It didn't disappoint, even if the ending left me feeling as bleak as a Monday morning in January. Californication had loads of great sex-and-squirting scenes, and Survivors was about nearly everyone in the world dying. It's my fave genre, you know

Best Reality TV Show

1. The Apprentice
2. Big Brother
3. The X Factor

That's what I'm talking about! 2008 wasn't a vintage year for either BB - great for the first couple of weeks, then as boring as hell - or X Factor. Whereas the Apprentice gets better every year. Sara vowed to apply for it this year. Perhaps she's going to surprise me and disappear one morning.

Best Film

1. The Dark Knight
2. The Mist
3. Juno

I only went to the cinema once in 2008. It's one of the things you give up when you have small children. How I miss it... The Dark Knight pretty much wins by default because it was the one I saw on the big screen.

Best Video Game

1. Little Big Planet
2. Mario Kart Wii
3. Tomb Raider Underworld

LBP is hugely inventive and enjoyable; it's stopped me and Sara watching so much crap telly. Mario Kart is frenetic fun and not to be played with small children within earshot; it causes so much shouting and swearing that even Gordon Ramsey would be shocked. And Tomb Raider is Tomb Raider. Would it be wrong to put Lara Croft on my list?

Book of the year

1. Simon Lewis - Bad Traffic
2. George Pelecanos - The Turnaround
3. Jason Starr - The Follower

I had to rack my brains for, ooh, minutes before coming up with these. Why do I find it so hard to remember what I've read? Bad Traffic was an original and thrilling story about illegal immigrants, and Starr and Pelecanos are my fave authors of the year, I devoured their back catalogues this year. Jason Starr is a total twisted genius.

And finally, my favourite website of the year is this one:

Happy new year!

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Sara said...

If you had to pick one 'thing' out of all the top things in your lists what would you pick? I would pick little big planet I think.

Thanks for saying Sara Sizzle is your favorite website. Even if that is a lie. A big fat lie that you said to be nice. I think that is called a white lie.

I think 2008 has been rather good all-in-all.

Love you