Sunday, November 12, 2006

Wandering to Wolverhampton

I write this on my in-law's PC. I have no iidea where Buffy is right now, but we're spending the weekend with her parents because it's the Extended Buffy Birthday Weekend.

LAst night was party time. Sara's v cool friend Kaz came round, plus various family freidns and relatives, including the legendary Auntie Maggie, and we got the Singstar out. I actually managed to beat Buffy 3 times,s in a row, although she blamed her dad, who kep bellowing into her microphone. Buffy's dad is a secret karaoke fiend and very entertaining.

So what plans do we have for Buffy's 24th? Well, I've got her lots of pressies, most of which I'm excited about. There's a mixture of the serious and silly, and I hope she will reveal what I got her on Sara Sizzle soon.

It's a work day tomorrow, and we're going out for lunch with work friends, then going for dinner in the evening. I'm hoping she will have the bestest birthday ever.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Sing when you're losing

Sorry, it's been FOREVER since I posted.

It was my birthday this weekend, and you can read all about it on Sara Sizzle, including the small but perfectly formed hotel she took me to and the amazing array of birthday pressies I got. Best of all was Singstar, which must be the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Or perhaps with your clothes off. I suggested a game of Strip Singstar to Buffy earlier, but unfortunately I would end up naked while she remained fully clothed. Because she beats me nearly every time. I'm convinced there's something wrong with my microphone. Or perhaps it's my vocal cords. I always thought I was good at karaoke! Or maybe it's just that Buffy's amazing.

Whatever, it's sooooooooo unfair. But it is the best game ever.

Next, I want Guitar Hero. She'll whup my ass at that too.

Book recommendation: The Ruins by Scott Smith. It's The Beach meets Day of the Triffids, and it's the book of the year. Well, that and the Smash Hits book, which is swing-orilliant, ackchoooerleeeeeee.

It's Buffy's birthday next week (yep, scorpio + scorpio = a hell of a sting) and I'm quite worried that she's not going to like her main pressie. However, she definitely will love one of her little presents, which is the silliest present of all time and will, hopefully, feature on Sara Sizzle soon.

Right, back to Singstar. Toniiiiiggggghhhht, I'm gonna have myseeeeeeellllffff a real good time...