Sunday, June 18, 2006

Welcome to the Roost

In a past life, I lived at MarkCity, but now things have changed and to go along with my new start, here is my new blog. If you're an old MarkCity reader, you know what to expect. Me waffling on about my life. I now live in Herne Hill, south London, with my girlfriend, Buffy, and two Macs. I still work in online marketing. I'm still an aspiring novelist, though the only things I've had published recently are articles about online marketing. Dan Brown isn't having any sleepless nights.

Buffy and I just got back from Brixton where we saw Hard Candy, a pleasant tale of castration, paedophilia and torture. The audience laughed a lot. I felt a bit light-headed when we came out. Maybe it brought out my deeply-repressed fear of having my balls chopped off by a psycho teenager.

It's almost unbearably sticky and hot in London right now. I'm not equipped for it. Most evenings, it's all I can do to lift the remote control to put Big Brother on. I was kind-of pleased to see Grace go (great exit; chucking water over her executor) but the entertainment quotient is going to dip now. There are still 9 weeks to go. I'll post my predictions on here later in the week so you can see how horribly wrong I get it.